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Shenzhen Bicoos Technology Co., Ltd — was formally established in 2018. It mainly deals with notebook replacements spare parts, including laptop screens, keyboard, charger, batteries, hings, shell covers and ETC, mainly in wholesale and retail supply.
After 4 years of efforts, the company’s mainly business expanded to all brands laptops, tablets and mobile phone accessories, the company now has a complete configuration, stable source of supply and a professional team to carry out classified procurement and quality control to ensure all the orders to proceed precisely, and provide perfect communication.
The company believes Good Quality, Strong Responsibility and Sincerity, Good Services, always taking Customer First are the basis of long term cooperation.
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Getting to know a laptop

This will be an explanation of how to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair your laptops. But also the various important hardware in your laptop. Hardware is an important part of the daily function of laptops even though you may think they're simple. keeping your laptop up to date and following this guide will keep your computer and hardware healthy.

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Five Signs You Need a New Projector Lamp

While the projector industry is slowly moving towards LED and laser as light source, lamp projectors still dominate the market. While LED and laser may last much longer, replacing a lamp module is a fairly straightforward process that many AV professionals and consumers have grown to live with. But no one wants to be caught with a burnt out lamp in the middle of a presentation or home movie. Here are four signs that you might want to consider purchasing a new projector bulb.

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Importance Of Cell Phone Accessories

It is difficult to find a person who doesn't have cell phone these days. Cell phones have spread rapidly with maintenance costs reducing due to liberalization of telecom sector in most countries of the world. Cell phone market has in fact generated huge revenue in the last 5 years. A number of mobile service providers have also come up in all the countries and they have created a thriving business for themselves.

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How often should your UV lamps be changed and why?

The frequency of changing a UV lamp for effective indoor air quality improvement depends on how you are using the system. Typically, a UV lamp being used primarily to disinfect the air circulating through a home or small office should be replaced every 9000 hours or approximately every 12 months. For people with respiratory conditions or other acute sensitivities, we strongly recommend keeping to an annual lamp replacement schedule for the best control of airborne microorganisms and allergens.

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